Blessing For Complaint Handlers


As my career in legal complaints handling draws to a conclusion, here are a few words I’ve penned for my friends who continue to do an amazing job:

May you have skin as thick as a rhino while
Your heart remains as soft as lambs’ wool

May you have a caseload both light and grave so
Your toil is substantial and worthwhile

May you have strength to endure green inked novels that
Disclose no identifiable complaint

May you have patience to withstand asseverations of
Corruption, collusion and conspiracy (again)

May you have comrades steadfastly at your side on
Those days, replete with darts that pierce and wound

May you have volunteers and overseers bless your work with
Decisions that make some sense

And may you know that you’re doing a damn fine splendid job that
Truly is of moment to many.