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When you are wee, you are asked frequently what you are going to be when you grow up. Generally, responses are about the job you’ll do. Your purpose in life. During your teens, relationships become important, then a place to live, perhaps children. Colour is added by whatever sparks your interest. Health is mostly taken for granted.

The big ticket items in life are then relationships, career, home, family, and the pursuit of pleasure and fulfilment.

You work hard, devoting your energies to the various elements, fulfilling your purpose in life.

What happens when, suddenly or gradually, the big tickets are wrenched from you, when no amount of hard work or dedication can prevent their loss? When chronic ill health comes to dominate your existence.

This is what is happening to me and this blog will tell my story.

Why Ordinary Miracles?

Because these are what are revealed when your big tickets are gone.

Join me as I explore and celebrate the wee things that make life precious, with an eye to what improves my health and wellbeing. There might be a smattering of football, religion, parenting and legal issues too as the fancy takes me.


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