DSC02446One of the enduring themes of this blog has been the subject of loss. I’ve described how, in the last year alone, I’ve lost my career, home, social life, ability to go and see my beloved Celtic, and conduct relationships. Now I’ve suffered the most acute loss: my mum. She was diagnosed with cancer around the middle of July and, on 9 September, passed away gently.

In recent years mum devoted herself to caring for my children and me, staying with me for weeks at a stretch, taking the burden of running a household on to her frail shoulders. It is not without irony that I tell you that the last time I saw mum it was she, with a few weeks to live, who visited me because of my relapse. Thank you mum for that unwavering,uncomplaining, unconditional support.

Thanks also to the many people, known and strangers, who have offered their prayers, good wishes and support. Loss of a human being brings us all together. It brings out the best in folk. It is a shared experience where we all get our turn. It signifies change and adjustment. It allows us to pause, reflect then go on, bereaved but enriched also for having had the person in our lives.

For those of us who are ill, loss brings fresh challenges to bear.

For my mum, I am grateful that your period of suffering was short and your death peaceful and untroubled. Eternal rest grant unto you, may perpeptual light shine upon you and may you rest in peace.


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