Save Campsie Greenbelt



As you may know, my health forced me to make some radical life changes. This time last year I was a solicitor, employed full time and living in Polmont. Now, I’m no longer working (besides being a mum!) and I moved back to my childhood village to begin the serious process of recovery to the best health I am able to achieve. Part of my thinking was to be amongst family and friends but also predominant in my thoughts was being able to enjoy peace and the spectacular natural surroundings with which the Parish of Campsie is blessed.

Imagine then my horror to learn of a proposed housing development in the fields beyond my childhood home. The picture above gives you an idea of the scale of what’s proposed. It’s a desecration of precious natural resources which, I understand, had been earmarked for woodland development.

When I was growing up, Lennoxtown had its own places of employment, principally Lennox Castle Hospital and the Kali Nailworks. The Main Street was bustling. We went down the street to Miss Wilson’s, Annie Bradley’s, Cuthberts, Kellys and Thomas’s for our messages. There was a real sense of community. The hospital and nailworks are gone and the Main Street has a sad air of abandonment despite efforts to rejuvenate it. There are few amenities in Lennoxtown besides its natural glory. But it remains a village, a community enjoying the fabulous landscape.

If this proposal is sanctioned then the character of my village will be changed to a soulless, dormitory town with no infrastructure in terms of roads, schools, shopping or leisure to support it. What about the residents next to the site? They’ve had to contend with huge flooding problems over the years. I know, I was one of them: a pond in summer, ice skating rink in winter. It is simply not a suitable area in which to site a massive housing development. And it would destroy forever the one amenity they have: the view. A desperate shame.

A petition has been formed to object to this proposal. Please read and sign it here


5 thoughts on “Save Campsie Greenbelt

  1. If I lived where you live, I most certainly sign the petition; however, I live in South Florida, USA. It’s a terrible shame to destroy beautiful acreage for any reason; but, to have a planned community without proper infrastructure is doing a disservice to all. Hope your petition gets results!

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