What Am I For?


The sad passing of Tony Benn today caused me to pause and ponder upon my beliefs and values. Shaped by my Catholic faith and upbringing and honed by my life experiences what do I believe? Here is what sprung to mind from my heart:

I am FOR:

1. I believe that each human being, born or unborn, is unique and of equal value.
2. Fairness, justice and freedom.
3. Protection of the vulnerable.
4. Fair distribution of the planet’s resources.
5. Compassion, kindness and community.


1. Abortion without compelling reasons.
2. Old boy networks, ruling families, secret societies and other forms of unmeritorious advancement.
3. Abuse of power, prevalent in such measures as the bedroom tax, welfare reform and NHS dismantlement.
4. Nuclear weapons, and indeed weapons generally.
5. Selfishness, venality and the vacuous culture of acquisitiveness and worship of celebrity.

Perhaps you might spend a moment or two today pondering upon what is important to you too?


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