Sun. In Scotland. In March.



If you’re thinking the photo above appears to be taken from a rather strange angle, you’d be right. I snapped this on my phone on Tuesday while lying on my back on the trampoline in my back garden. Wearing a t-shirt, feeling the sun’s warm rays melt into my skin, listening to a relaxing meditation on perfect health, watching a family of buzzards play high in the blue, blue sky. Bliss!

More than bliss, I know that it did my body good: manufacture of vitamin D, release of relaxing hormones to counteract the imbalances prevalent in my autonomic nervous system, and aiding my body to differentiate between night and day thus promoting the holiest of all holy grails: good sleep.

But my story comes with a wee warning: when the sun emerges don’t go mad on it! I went for a stroll. It lasted 25 minutes which is around 20 minutes longer than I’d managed at any time in the previous six months. It felt fine at the time and I congratulated myself on the huge progress I was making.

You know what’s coming…yesterday I woke feeling like my brain had been stolen and replaced with a bag of stones, heavy and shifting round my skull. My resting heart rate was a full 20 beats above that of the previous day. I couldn’t even lie comfortably in the sun again.

But I’m not disheartened. I think it’s healthy to push at our boundaries a wee bit from time to time to see if they’ll give a little. For now, I’m back to being very careful and sensible in the sure and certain knowledge that I’m going in the right direction.

It’s cloudy and cold outside today, so glad I had my time in the sun.


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