Doctor, doctor, can’t you see I’m …….


Burning, burning? Alright I might be taking a wee bit of licence here, but not too much, as my original working diagnosis was pyrexia of unknown origin. When I had an acute episode (described in my post Let me paint you a picture ), my temperature spiked. It was this phenomenon, this piece of unusual objective clinical data, among others, that caused my consultant to describe me as ‘a medical puzzle’.

When stricken with an unusual and frightening condition, what is it that a patient wants? Answers and reassurance in my case. The former emerged slowly through a mist of experts and tests, until all the major causes were excluded. The latter I’m not too sure is possible to give me categorically as no-one knows for sure what my prognosis will be.

What I have experienced however is amazing care, dedication and compassion from the key doctors under whose care I’ve been placed and I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude to them publicly. What they all have in common is that they listened to me and used every ounce of their skill and knowledge to help me. They are a credit to their profession.

Let’s start with my GP, Dr Stephen Brown, who warned me about soldiering on through infections. Wise counsel I ought to have heeded. He’s been good enough not to say ‘I told you so’. He supports me as best he can and has never turned me away when I’ve requested a referral or treatment. He also kindly provides all the paperwork, reports and certificates I’ve needed over the years.

Thank you Dr Stephen Brown.

The next key physician in my care was my consultant cardiologist, Dr Allister Hargreaves, to whom I was referred in September 2006. His dedication, care and sheer persistence in seeking a cause for my illness are peerless. He was often the first person I saw in the hospital ward in the morning and last at night. I cannot count the number of tests, re-tests, and other experts he organised during the two years I was under his care. He spent hours listening to me, discussing every possible angle, theory and concern, all with huge patience and a wonderful human touch. He left no stone unturned and gave me the best piece of advice: work within my body’s capabilities.

Thank you Dr Allister Hargreaves.

The final person in this very special triumvirate is my current consultant in holistic and integrative medicine, Dr Bob Leckridge. If Dr Hargreaves gave me the advice to work within my body’s capabilities, Dr Leckridge has shown me how to do this. The first thing he did was to raise my awareness of what constitutes health and thence how to improve, stabilise and enjoy my health. Unfailingly kind, gentle and compassionate, Dr Leckridge has listened to me at long, long length, counselled, advised, provoked thought, and referred me to many, many resources. He is a healer! After meeting with him, or even speaking on the phone, my health is better. No, I can’t explain it but it happens and has been noticed by other folk. He has a wonderful, infectious (in a nice way!) outlook on life and I urge you to visit his blog at heroesnotzombies where you will find so much that will gladden your heart. He is truly an inspiration.

Thank you Dr Bob Leckridge.


4 thoughts on “Doctor, doctor, can’t you see I’m …….

    • Hi Amanda,

      I couldn’t agree more! I know that many people have had a very poor experience with the medical profession, being disbelieved, disregarded and disrespected but I’ve been very fortunate and am very grateful for that.

      Hope today is being reasonably kind to you.

      kind regards


  1. Shirley

    I’m so glad your experiences with the medical profession have been positive Mary, Mine on the other hand have not. To be told by my practice nurse to gain information on my diagnosis from the internet so I, yes I, could educate my GP was not the most comforting advice I’ve ever been given!

    • Hi Shirley,

      I know I’ve been very fortunate and I’m very grateful for that. I’m really sorry to hear about your experience which just isn’t good enough.

      kind regards


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