I believe that, given the right environment, internal and external, my body is capable of healing itself, returning to a state of homeostasis and affording me health that is characterised by vitality and resilience.

This is my belief. It is not a fanciful notion, fond wish or vague desire. It is a belief that underpins my thoughts, words and deeds where my illness is concerned.

For me, the alternatives are unthinkable.

What are they?

Either that I cede responsibility to an outside agency to fix me, or that I will never be well, ever. The former is highly unlikely given the current state of knowledge and engagement of the medical and scientific communities, and the latter would destroy my soul.

I am strengthened in my belief by my own experience. I have been well, in relative terms, during the course of this illness and will be so again, only better this time: recovered.

How will I achieve that?

The short answer is by taking care of myself. Nurturing mind, body and spirit.

But there is no simple answer. There is no right or wrong answer. There is only a willingness to listen, understand and engage with approaches that will lead me to health.

In future posts I'll explore those approaches, sharing my gratitude for the many people and resources I am blessed to have encountered.


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