There I was, minding my own business …..


I didn’t become sick overnight. It is impossible for me to pinpoint when I tipped from being a well person into chronic illness. For me, it was not a verifiable cataclysmic event from which I failed to recover. It happened when I wasn’t paying attention.

A busy life stretched between the twin responsibilities of motherhood and employment, no time to rest properly, antibiotics on the go for serial infections. Add poor genetics, a slice of bad luck and bingo! Possibly. The truth is no-one knows for sure. Not for the want of trying either. I’ve had a battery of tests, especially in the early years. Each negative result met with ever increasing perplexity.

Me: ‘what, I don’t have Lyme Disease?…noooooo I was pinning my hopes on that!’
Doc: ‘that’s a good thing’
Me: ‘nooooooooo’

So, what’s wrong with me?

My formal diagnoses are post viral fatigue syndrome and a dysfunctional autonomic nervous system. In short, my body has ceased to regulate iself properly.

Little did I know in 2006 that I had been enrolled, without my knowledge or consent, into a world of illness so frightening and debilitating it would turn my world on its head.

And what would I say about having apparently sleepwalked into serious illness?

Don’t allow the possibility of this to happen to you. Listen to your body. It sends you messages that deserve attention. If you’re tired, rest. If you’re ill, rest more. Pace your activities, give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing from time to time. Be kind to yourself, notice when you need a break and take it. If you feel you can’t, then consider what you can change, while you still have a choice.

In my next post I will paint the picture of my illness, the one that is unique to me but shares characteristics I’m sure many will recognise.


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